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2017 Home Run Rules

Updated Friday April 21, 2017 by GHSA - Secretary.

Here are the home run rules for 2017:


Comp - 2 & Progressive
C - 2 & Done
D - 1 & Done
E - None



Comp (B/C) - 2 & Progressive
D - 1 & Done
E - None



A - 2 & Progressive
B - 2 & Done
C - 1 & Progressive
D - 1 & Done
E/F - None


In leagues where there are multiple divisions playing one another (Comp & C for instance), the higher classification team will spot 6 (six) runs to the lower classification team, for women's and men's leagues. A run spot of 4 (four) will be in place for coed leagues. Both teams will play at the higher classification's home run rule.

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Stuart Robinson commented on May 5, 5:02am
"I'm sure it is for good reason and probably has always been this way but not allowing a single home run in E/F seems a little over board. This would would probably be a huge accomplishment for that level of player and would not happen very often but still add excitement to the game. "
Stuart Robinson commented on May 5, 5:12am
"Excuse the typo... lol "
firstname lastname commented Just Now

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